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Why I Didn’t Blog This Week

I just realized that several days have gone by with nothing on the blog. I’ve been bad. But I have an excuse!

Instead of blogging this week I have been…

Eatting the rest of Dan’s birthday cheesecake.

Actually a New York Cheesecake with a stroopwafel.

Sending Walking the Lethe Volume 1 to the printer. Our first book! Terribly exciting.

Our cover. Click the image to check out the preorder.

Trying (and failing) to design a new Walking the Lethe website.

Played with the cats instead...

Building a prop rifle so I can cosplay as Ignorance, the demonic huntress from chapter 4 of Walking the Lethe, plus ordering other bits for the costume.

Modeled on a flint-lock elephant rifle.

Cleaning my chompers (clean bill of health at the dentist!).

(cc) Jen SFO-BCN via Flickr

Not my real dentist

Yeah, no real excuse, but tomorrow we’ll be off for a “Dag Uit” with Dan’s lab, so don’t expect much more.

(Tooth image is by Jen SFO-BCN via Flickr. Licensed under CC.)

6 Responses to “Why I Didn’t Blog This Week”

  1. Star says:

    Dan’s birthday cake looks divine!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks. It was surprisingly easy to make. And the first time I ever made cheesecake

  3. Invader_Stu says:

    Playing with the cat is always a good excuse. If I had a cat I would not get anything done :)

  4. Amanda says:

    Lol. Too true. As this very moment a cat has settled in on top of my laptop, just inches from me. Little troublemakers. ;)

  5. Invader_Stu says:

    Ah, the cleaver little kitty has worked out that laptops are a good source of heat. My ex-house mates cat used to do that all the time with my laptop too… that or she really thought I spent too much time browsing.

  6. bmallon says:

    A woman I work with had her very heavy cat sleep on her laptop and cracked the screen. Time for a kitty diet.
    Glad you finally posted, I look forward to reading your blog.