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Another Excellent Pecha Kucha Come and Gone

Monday evening saw yet another excellent Pecha Kucha event here in Maastricht; and not just because my own husband gave a presentation. In addition to the many artists who always participate, there were also several scientists and social activists presenting.  Some videos will be up soon, and the moment I hear about them I will definately link a few of my favorites. The videos are live. Check ‘em out!

To give you a taste of the presenters we saw, here’s the line up from the Pecha Kucha Maastricht website and a few words on the ones that stuck with me.

Dan Potter: online cartoon writing: Obviously my husband, but I always enjoy how animated he gets when talking about subjects he cares about. Lots of arm waving and exciting talking about finding his creative passion in our webcomic Walking the Lethe.
Mahdi Abdulrazak: cyborgs without surgery
Bart Knols: the mosquito and the Limburg cheese: This research shows how a particular type of mosquito is attractive to a bacteria on our feet which is remarkably close to a bacteria in Limburg cheese. I find it funny that somewhere a long the line, someone decided to put his feet in a troth of milk, let it congeal and then (ludicrously) decided to eat it.
Angelo Vermeulen: open source art
Joery Wilbers: we need rock and roll
Markus Bediako: Africa = Eden: Markus gave a powerful presentation and made a powerful case that we in the “West” need to rethink our perceptions of Africa and that our governments need to work with the people of Africa as adults. He was very passionate.
Marc Smulders: 2012 – proof of the pudding: On the other hand, this garbled collection of statements about crop circles and the end date of the Mayan calendar was terrible. Even if you do believe in aliens, god, and the end of the world, his attempt to “change our lives” failed in a glorious lack of real proof or providing explanations for why what he was showing us was “obvious”.
Manfred Lueth: radical innovation
Sanjay Sharma: it’s all in attitude
Koen Beumer: scar pride: About the changing perception of scars and the practice of scarification. My scars are all from cooking mishaps.
Egid van Houtem: software thinking
Youssef Joumani: mish-mash
Tanja Ritterbex: save the holy goblin

There was also an interesting session of “Laugh Yoga“, which I had never heard of but naturally have everyone giggling.

Behind the Stage

Of course the interesting thing this time for us is that Dan was a presenter. Presenters were invited to arrive at the AINSI building at 5 pm to allow everyone a chance to run through their presentations. This was a nice touch because it really helps get the nerves out and makes sure that the slides are running properly and that speakers who don’t use a microphone get a feel for it. I got to tag along for this (I assume because I’m the partner, but maybe just because I know Sueli).

The team also fed all the presenters and gave them free drink tickets to use at the bar during the beer break and after the event. Nice perks for participating in the event.

Dan on Stage

I’ll leave you with a video of Dan’s presentation:

2 Responses to “Another Excellent Pecha Kucha Come and Gone”

  1. Dave Hampton says:

    ‘great job,Da: ‘sorry I missed seeing you live,but your video is a nice chance to catch up. I knowhow much you put into this project and it was wonderful to hear you talking about the reasons behind it. Congrats on leading off a great evening!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you. I passed your comment on to Dan. :D