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Places Around Maastricht: Bever Zwerfsport

Type of Place: Outdoor/Camping Store

Location: Scharnerweg 66-70


Bever's storefront with window washer

I’ve been on a 18+ month battle to finally get my gas outdoor grill working. This quest finally ended last Friday when the last pieces were in place and I grilled some lamb and corn on the cob. Bever Zwerfsport is what made this last stop finally possible.

Located beyond the center of Maastricht (out past the train station), I happened on Bever Zwerfsport on my way back from a teachers meeting. I had known for a while that the store existed because a pair of friends had purchased our propane tank for use earlier in the summer. But the regulator I had purchased elsewhere at the time was the wrong one and I hadn’t gotten around to hunting the store down for a replacement. So with luck on my side I headed inside this large store.

Bever Zwerfsport is an outdoor sporting good store. It carried most of the things you’d need for camping, hiking, cooking outdoors, and a mix of winter activities. In addition, they have a nice sized collection of books for outdoors activities and regional camping (in Dutch), a wall of hiking boots, and, of course, gear for propane grills. The store is three sections deep, with each section taking you down a short flight of stairs. With that much space, the variety of products they provide is impressive. For Americans, think of a REI store.

I ultimately had to ask for help, and the staff was quite willing to lend me a hand identifying the correct equipment and explaining to me how to set it up. The cost of the new regular was higher than the old, but it works, and that’s what really matters. The prices overall were on par which what I’m use to seeing in most outdoor sporting goods stores (adjusted for the Euro/Maastricht); a bit high end but generally of good quality.

To my knowledge, this is the only place to buy a propane tank in Maastricht, although if you have a car you can probably find other locations. The tank we have is about the size of a basketball and cost approximately 100 euros new. Refills will probably be less since we’ll be able to turn in the old tank and get a deposit back.

Bever Zwerfsport is open Monday to Saturday for typical hours (open 1 pm on Monday; til 9 pm on Thursday). If you need some serious camping gear or prefer a gas grill like me, it’s well worth the trip slightly out of your way.

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  1. bmallon says:

    It’s about time, can’t wait for some delicious grilled steak or burgers in April.