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Crafting: Book-Purse & Steampunk origami

I’ve been getting off my computer in the evenings lately and working on a handful of crafty projects. I’ve always been impressed by people who make things and frankly would like to be one. Given my current small apartment I’m starting small. Currently I’m focusing on creating things from used materials with a Steampunk flair. Here’s a taste of what I’ve done so far.

Woordenboek Purse

This “purse” is actually a small book I hollowed out and attached to a leather strap. Language dictionaries are great for this type of project because they tend to be thick for their cover size.

Inspired by 19th century schoolbook straps.

Inside the purse. It fits my wallet (or several cards and cash), but not my cellphone.

I purchased the book and the leather (as a briefcase actually) at the Kringloop Zuid and the brass ring on the top at Mattie’s Kringloop. The thread also came from Mattie’s. The snap I purchased new at the Panhuis on Markt square.

Steampunk Tulips

After cutting out most of the pages of my purse, I was left with a lot of rectangular paper. It didn’t seem right to throw it away so I did what I usually do with scrap paper. Origami. Because the text comes from a Dutch to English dictionary, I chose to make tulips using a traditional origami method (and a few lilies). The leaves are my own design and left me with very little scrap to be recycled.

A small sample of tulips in my pepper shaker.

I picked up the stems and copper wire at Pipoos. I’m now looking for containers or objects to build bouquets around.

A Future Project: Umbrella Rain Pants

Ok, so this one isn’t about Steampunk, but it is about reusing material. Around Christmas it occurred to me that there are a lot of broken umbrellas laying around Maastricht and that while the metal parts may be busted, the fabric is almost always still intact. So I’m going to collect umbrellas and make things with them. I’m starting with a pair of rain pants and maybe some tote bags, but ultimately I think it would be fun to create a tent.

But to do all that I need more umbrella fabric. If you’ve got some umbrellas you’re planning on trashing anyway, why not send them to me (or if you’re local, let me know and I’ll pick it up). Email me for my address if you’ve got a trash umbrella or two to spare.

6 Responses to “Crafting: Book-Purse & Steampunk origami”

  1. Invader_Stu says:

    I think the Woordenboek Purse will have a great application for smuggling things into prisons.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ll have to seek out an opportunity. ;)

  3. Aledys Ver says:

    That is very original! :D Love the woordenboek purse!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Thank you. :)

  5. Claudia Gibson says:

    Great work!!! The purse reminded me of those old movies… ;)

  6. Amanda says:

    Thanks. I was thrilled to find a tiny book that looked leather-bound. :)