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Spring Sun in Maastricht

Spring is my favorite season here in Maastricht, especially when it is sunny. The weather is finally getting warm enough for a light jacket, but only just, and the nights are still cold enough to make a cup of coffee or hot chocolate extra cozy.

Einstein sniffs the first whiffs of Spring.

I’ve been taking advantage of the nicer weather by getting out and jogging more. Sunday I ran with a couple other ladies from the IWC up to the top of St. Pietersburg and back down; a nice 5 km-ish run with some serious uphill bits. Well, as uphill as you can get in the Netherlands anyway. I actually felt pretty good about the run though, so I’m considering trying a 5K race or maybe even a 10K one. Several IWC members are already planning on running in the Maastricht Mooiste, so maybe I’ll join them for that.

After my run (and a shower; running is smelly work), I joined my friend Celine for high tea at Coffeelovers. Their tea spread is very tasty and filling, but not overly so. When we arrived they had already laid out plates, hot water, and seven types of loose leaf tea. We also had a small bottle of champagne, which was French but not really from Champagne. Tea consisted of a pair of sandwiches made on soft white bread, followed by a plate of sweets including a scone, brownie, and a thin slice of Coffeelover’s banana cake. All were very tasty, although I could have gone for some clotted cream with the scone. It was a wonderful way to pass a Sunday afternoon and by the time we left we were positively humming from the tea we drank.

I took it slow on the way home, enjoying the sun. I hear it’s suppose to rain all week starting Tuesday. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed that that doesn’t happen. Or if it does, that it’s not too heavy. I haven’t finished my rain pants yet.

One Response to “Spring Sun in Maastricht”

  1. Invader_Stu says:

    Einstien is cute (I have a weakness for cats. I may still become the worlds first old crazy cat man).