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Sign the Friends of Crossroads Petition

If you’ve a fan of Crossroads Magazine, whether you live in Maastricht or abroad, please take a moment and sign our petition.

I want to show the city council’s Council on Economic and Social Affairs that 1) Crossroads is well loved and beneficial to a significant population in the region, and 2) the magazine promotes international awareness of the region and culture. As the city seeks Cultural Capital status in 2018 and attempts to display it’s unique position in the EU, Crossroads Magazine is a project they should be proud of and support financially.

There are two ways to sign the petition.

1) Print out this linked document, read, sign, and mail it to me. If you can get more signatures, the more the merrier. But print signatures are probably more effective. Email me for my address.

2) Sign our digital petition by clicking here.

We need a minimum of 300 signatures to get noticed, and preferably many more so we can show support from the voting population as well as those of us who cannot vote locally yet. I also hope to show this petition to VIA2018 and any other major funding body in the region who has an interest in expats and the image/quality of life in Maastricht.

Help Out

Honestly I need all the help I can get, so please share the petition link far and wide.

If you want to collect physical signatures, please print out the petition and share it with your friends and colleagues.

If you want to express your concern in your own words, email the city council and the Council on Economic and Social Affairs yourself. You can find contact information for the head of the committee here, and a general email and mailing address here.

Join the LinkedIn Group

Finally please come by the LinkedIn group, join up and start sharing what you’re doing in support of Crossroads Magazine.

One Response to “Sign the Friends of Crossroads Petition”

  1. I just signed! Crossroads has been SO helpful to me as a future expat in Maastricht.