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One for the Ladies: IWC South Limburg

This article was originally published at Maastricht Region: to Live.

One of the most isolating parts of living abroad can be not having a job in a new country where your partner is working. While this issue is hardly exclusive to women, we are often the member of a relationship who “trails”. It’s from this experience that groups like the International Women’s Club of South Limburg was born. Such groups provide a wide variety of activities and connections that can make a new place your home. Today the IWC South Limburg boasts a 188 women membership and supports women from all walks of life; both expat women from aboard and Dutch women who have returned to the region after their own expat experience.


Honoring our volunteers at the annual meeting.

The IWC is, at its core, about making friends and sharing in experiences that allow us to interact with each other and our new community. Members meet once a month at the club meetings in Cadier en Keer and can also host and attend other events throughout each month. Members are also organized into smaller groups based on their location, so women who live nearby each other can plan activities together.

Starting perhaps a year ago, the IWC has had a “Juniors” group, which focuses somewhat more on younger women, many of whom also work and just generally have different interests that you might typically expect. As part of the Junior group, members meet every month for First Friday drinks (partners welcome), to run together, and go for ladies’ movie nights.


Celine & I prepare to run the Vise 5K together.

Personally I joined the IWC late (2 years after we moved here!), but I have really enjoyed having access to this community of women. Sometimes it’s nice to step into an environment where I don’t have to worry as much about language or culture; because we all are accustom to working outside our own expectations. The Juniors club, in particular, has drawn me into the IWC with the running group and regular meet-ups in the evenings or on weekends. Meeting people from so many places and in such different parts of their lives is also fascinating and fun.

If you’re a woman and curious about the IWC, please check out their website. Or attend one of the monthly newcomers evenings. Sorry guys, I don’t think there is an equivalent club for you.

Please don’t forget to support expat resources in the region. Sign my petition to find funding for and re-open Crossroads Magazine.


4 Responses to “One for the Ladies: IWC South Limburg”

  1. Amanda,
    Being an expat for over several years and having moved to Maastricht only 2 months ago I have felt every thing you described. I also thought the IWC would be a good thing to check out, make new friends and find a support group of women that I can relate. However, the bad news is that I have sent two e-mails to IWC South Limburg introducing myself, and asking them for more info or the possibility to join them for a meeting and see if the IWC is for me but sadly no one has replied. I’m disappointed to say the least and unfortunately this has only made me feel more ‘alone’

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Veronica. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble making contact. Funnily enough, I too had issues with the club’s email via the website. It’s one of the reasons it took me so long to actually join up. I’ll send you the contact information I have so you can make a more direct connection. :)

  3. Cindy says:

    How can i apply for membership at iwc-sl?
    I have sent two mails without success.

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Cindy, I’ll send you a private email and then contact the IWC about posting a more direct email address on my blog. You’ll find that summer is a rough time to get in touch with anyone. Cheers.