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Congrats to the Maastricht Mooiste Runners

I’m pretty jealous of the folks who ran the 5K, 10K, and 15K races on Sunday in the Maastricht Mooiste. My hip isn’t better yet and it’s kept me out of my running shoes for 3 weeks and counting. When a lazy person like me gets a bit of exercise¬†momentum, it really stinks to lose it. So instead of running, I went down to cheer on all the folks running. In particular I was there for the IWC women, about 10 of whom ran.

Maastricht Mooiste’s 5K & 10K started at 10 am, and the 15K began at noon (unfortunately when it was getting hot in the sun). I had run the 5K route a couple of times before being sidelined, and it really seemed like a minitour of Maastricht itself, with lots of right turns to take you though important parts of the old city. I’m told the 15K ran well out of the city and up two hills to bring runners through the countryside. I doubt I’ll be up to a 15K for a long time, but it sounds like it would make a good bike ride.

Back at the Markt square where everything began and ended, I had a good time watching the way people ran. Everyone has their own technique; some of which seem pretty efficient and others that appear quite silly. I noticed that lots of people sprinted the last bit of their run; trying to shave a couple of seconds off right at the end.

Maybe they were just after the vlaai.

Or, like this guy who ran the 10K, they forgot their shoes.

At the end of the day all the people I know finished their runs and seemed not particularly worse for wear. Footraces seem to be much more interesting once you’ve been involved a little in the sport.

Congratulations to all the IWC runners (and the pair of gentlemen I know)!

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