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Bikes, Books, and Haircuts

Did I say I wouldn’t be writing about Maastricht anymore? Oh well. I lied. A few things have come up that I thought you all might be interested in. So here goes.

Bike Lessons

If you’re like me  you knew how to ride a bike when you came to the Netherlands, but you didn’t know the first thing about Dutch traffic rules or bike repair. Assume you’re on board with that comparison you also just jumped on your bike and muddled your way through new traffic signs, bike paths, and odd right-of-way situations while wondering what sort of illegal things you were doing on your daily commute. Enter the Maastricht Bike School. Just started up, Stuart is teaching a 3 part workshop about 1) How to ride a bike safely, 2) The rules of the road, and 3) Bike repair. Had this been around when we moved here, I would have signed up immediately.

I haven’t taken the workshops, but I know the owners and their great people. The courses are taught in English so if you’re new in town there is no reason not to get up to speed.

Books 4 Life

I recently got the heads up about another second-hand bookstore in Maastricht: Books 4 Life. Run by volunteers out of the basement of a UM building, they sell all sorts of second hand books (and will take donations too). The proceeds are donated to OxFam, Amnesty International and other charitable organizations. I haven’t been in person, but if you’re looking for some English language books for cheap it may be worth a trip.

(Free!) Haircut

This is probably of only limited value, but for a little longer you can get a free haircut at Toni & Guy as they train their newest stylist, Charlie. I went on Wednesday and am very pleased with the result. Charlie is currently training on short women’s haircuts (classic bob and shorter), so if that sounds up your alley, give the shop a call and arrange an appointment. If you have long hair or want a male haircut, Charlie told me she might need more models for those areas in the future. The number for Tony & Guy is 043 32 33 433 and they are located at Boschstraat 90 in Maastricht (generally in the area of Markt Square).

Hair Styling photo by ansik on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons-By Attribution license.

One Response to “Bikes, Books, and Haircuts”

  1. Alberta says:

    Hi Amanda! I stumbled upon your blog when I was google-ing all-you-can-eat sushi in Maastricht, I went to Thaiichi last night and the food seems over priced… I was wondering if you know whether Toni & Guy still has the free deal now? And if a booking will be necessary? Thanks!