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The Maastricht Minutiae Virtual Yard Sale

Since I haven’t got a yard, but I do have a load of furniture and such that we can’t take with us, I offer you this virtual yard sale. All the items we’re selling are listed here and on this downloadable PDF; most of them with pictures. I’m happy to answer questions, take pictures, etc.

Prices are as listed or best offer. Pick up after January 1st is preferred, but must be before January 8th. Please email me as soon as possible to purchase an item or for more information. 

 2 Large Tables/Desks with adjustable legs – €10 each

Grey Clip-on Desk Lamp – €5

Short Filing Cabinet on Wheels, white – €20

2-Door Wardrobe with upper shelf. Light wood with frosted plastic panels - €20

1-Door Wardrobe with upper shelf. Medium wood color - €20

Drying Rack - €5

Cannon all-in-one Printer (Pixima MP560) - €30

Cannon Printer (Pixma iP3600) - €20

Vacuum Cleaner (canister, no filter style) - €25

Long Mirror, wall hanging - €5

Magnatron (microwave & oven combi) - €30

6 cup Coffee Maker, drip style - €10

1 cup Coffee Maker, drip style. Can take coffee pads - €5

Butcher Block counter on wheels. Natural wood - €30

Electric Teakettle/Watercooker - €10

TV Stand, black - €50

Washing Machine - €20

Dryer - €50

Standing lamp, silver - €10

4-Drawer Bureau, black - €30

2 3-Drawer Bureau, black - €30

Glass Digital Bathroom Scale - €10

Toiletry baskets, black webbing (4) - €1

Short standing cabinet with door and one drawer - €5

Shaving Mirror - €2

Small silver trashcan -  €2

Men’s bike. 3-Speed (back wheel needs repair) - FREE

Broken Men’s Bike (petals/gears broken) – FREE

Broken Women’s Bike (shifter needs to be repaired. Needs new tires) – FREE

2 Responses to “The Maastricht Minutiae Virtual Yard Sale”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Wow. This is right around the corner. Have a last minute hurrah planned for Christmas! We’ll have to connect when you’re in Boston and catch up!

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey! Sorry for the radio silence. We’re looking forward to getting together with you when we’re back. :) Have a happy Christmas.