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Working with International Movers

When we moved to Maastricht, the movers were handled for us by the University of Maastricht. Unfortunately that means when we moved back we had to locate and hire a moving company for the first time in our lives. A bit harried? Yes. Especially because the encounter isn’t over yet. To get the cheapest shipping we could we paid for literal shipping in a large crate with other people’s things. The upshot is that I won’t be able to wrap up this little adventure until our things arrive in mid-April. Slow boat indeed.

image (cc) Jim Bahn. Licensed via Creative Commons on Flickr

Picking the Mover

Selecting a mover wasn’t too bad, although it was hard to know who was trustworthy or not with our lack of experience. We researched mover options on expat websites and submitted quote requests to several companies through some online quote request websites. We also looked as “POD” moving, but couldn’t find a company that would go from the Netherlands to the USA (if you’re moving to/from the UK though, there are a few options).

Only 3 companies got back to us and after looking at reviews, comparing prices and finding out who could pick up the earliest in January, we went with Pearson Moving Company; a UK removal company that operates worldwide.

Packing & Pickup

I must admit I was a little concerned about Pearson hiring a Dutch contractor to pack and pick up our things. Not that it would be a serious problem; just that I was already in stress-ville over making sure the truck would have space to park and had recently had a really bad language barrier experience with a mason who came in to half-fix our tub. Fortunately for me neither issue came up.

The movers themselves turned out to be a couple of guys who had driven their huge moving truck from the UK and were doing a loop through several European countries doing pickups and drop-offs before returning to their home base. They were on time, friendly, packed all our items remarkably well (I think), and generally made this stage of the move headache free.

For parking I was able to get a prepaid parking slip for the truck, but we had to stake out space. Unfortunately Maastricht doesn’t have a system in place to post an areas as a “no parking” zone.

The Waiting Game

This week I got an email from Pearson indicating that our items would be arriving in port on March 6th. With import regulations and the travel I don’t expect to see our items until the end of the month. But I’m staying positive about it. I have no reason to expect that things will arrive in anything but a steller condition. With luck Dan & I will have jobs and be moving into our own place by the time they get here.


A girl can hope right?

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