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Three Things I Already Miss

Since we’ve moved back to the United States I’ve had a bad case of comparison-itis. I suppose it’s only natural. After all we’re always looking for the familiar to hold on to, and while the Netherlands never fully became home for me, a lot of little things did rub off. I suspect that I’ll quickly normalize back into American culture But in the meantime, here are three things that I miss (and thing the United States would benefit from).

 1. Coins

Ok, so they would be dollar coins here, but I cannot believe America hasn’t gotten on board with the $1 and $2 coin concept yet. They are convenient, small, and the dollar is small denomination these days. The first time someone handed me back a fist full of dollar bills I wanted to demand coins. Why would I want a bunch of paper artificially inflating my wallet? We’ve even had the laughable $2 bill in this country. I’m getting use to it, but seriously America. The $1 coin’s day has come. Let’s switch over already.

2. Tax Included

I’ve always though tax included in the price is a great idea, but I really got comfortable with the idea while we were in the Netherlands. I know it would probably be tricky, with state sales tax being so variable, but the EU does it with the VAT. Tax included means I’ve completely forgotten how to do percentage math in my head (plus I think they changed the rates in Massachusetts just to confuse me). It also means nice round-ish numbers and fewer of those tiny denomination bills taking up space.

3. Beer

Ok, I know we brew a lot of beer in America, but Maastricht is kind of prime beer country situated as it is between Belgium and Germany. My favorite American brews are simply not as flavorful and interesting as the ones I could get in Maastricht. And don’t get started on the mass produced stuff. Hmm… maybe I should start an export business.



The people. All my friends.  I’m missing you guys. If I could bring you all with me I would. Of course, you might not all want to live on the Cape.

One Response to “Three Things I Already Miss”

  1. Dave Hampton says:

    It’s not the same without you guys – best of luck and don’t lose touch!