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That’s a Wrap

And that’s all folks. Thank you very much for reading Maastricht Minutiae and sharing your questions and comments with me. I cherish my time in Maastricht, even the difficult bits, and being able to keep this blog and help others along the way enriched my experience. I hope to be able to visit the area again and hope all of you continue your international adventures.

Maastricht Minutiae will stay online for an indefinite period of time while I work on putting it and its content to bed. I hope to donate it to the Expat Archive Centre in Den Haag and with luck they will be able to maintain the website archivally. This means no new updates, but the content that exists will be available for future historians, researchers, and curious folks.

If you’re interested in following me across the pond, I am starting up a new website at This will be a personal and professional website where I catalog my projects and talk about my work and play. If we venture out of the Boston area, as seems likely, I’ll certainly be off blogging about location again. I hope to see you there.

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