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4 Likes and 1 Dislike of Running in Maastricht

battlement in maastrichtI must be some kind of fool, but just before Christmas I decided it was time to take up a running regimen to keep those extra holiday pounds down and get me out of the house. Armed with the Couch to 5K interval running program, I’ve been out pounding the sidewalks in and out of the residential spaces of Maastricht. This region is fun to run in. Here’s why I think so.

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Places Around Maastricht: Kaishu Japans Restaurant


All-You-Can-Eat Sushi!

Type of Place: sushi restaurant
Location: Jodenstraat 26, 6211 ER Maastricht

Sushi is one of those foods that people either love or hate. Personally, I adore it; especially when I find excellent tuna sashimi. That’s why Dan & I were so pleased when we first discovered Kaishu, a sushi and teppen-yaki restaurant. Every time we’ve been there the sushi and hot dishes have been very good. Excellent tuna. And a widely varied menu means there is a little something for everyone; even those of you who would rather eat your fish cooked.

Expatriate Archive Centre

archive suitcase

image (c)

Starting from a humble beginning as an old leather suitcase full of diaries and yellowing documents, the Expatriate Archive Centre has grown into a lovely residential office where a trove of expat-related documents and ephemera are collected for future research.

Why an Expat Archive

“To collect, preserve, promote and make accessible a collection of primary source materials documenting the social history of expatriate life.” – Expatriate Archive Centre Mission Statement

That is the mission of the Expatriate Archive Centre and they take it very seriously. Living and working abroad is one of the most influential decisions an expat can make, but the reasons behind that decision and the experiences after it vary widely. By bringing together the experiences of expats, organizations, and their families left at home, the Centre is creating a collection useful for all sorts of researchers interested in multicultural experiences, immigration, and even genealogy. The materials can also be used to support future expats by creating higher value experiences for them or simply by letting each of us know we are not alone. (more…)

Of High Tea and Blogging Honors

Wow. Two posts in one day. What is this blog coming too?

Yesterday was a good day. Dan and I visited Atomic comics in Sittard; the closest comic book store to Maastricht, followed by high tea at John Mullins. After our late “lunch”, I got some good blogging done and then we went out for drinks with a couple from our language class.

After dinner I discovered that Dave, a fellow Maastricht-based blogger from Random Walks in the Low Country, had recognized Maastricht Minutiae with the Beautiful Blogger Award. I’ve never received a blogging award nomination before and I’m very honored. I read Random Walks and really enjoy how Dave sounds so natural living here. His photos are always tipping me off to things that I’ve missed.

The award comes with some required actions, including writing seven things about myself and nominating up to 7 additional bloggers. So without further ado…

5 Nominated Bloggers

  1. Invading Holland: Very funny.
  2. 24 Oranges: The first expat blog I started following when we move to the Netherlands.
  3. Crossroads Magazine: Great for Maastricht-related stories.
  4. Franco Phoney: Whose blog about living in France I discovered via Absolute Write.
  5. PlagiarismToday: Which isn’t about expats at all, but has great information about plagerism, copyright, and other similar issues.


Episode 19 of Maastricht Minutiae

dan at workWelcome to another episode of Maastricht Minutiae! In Episode 19 with dive into the struggles we’ve been having over starting a business in Maastricht; mostly brought on by a combination of poor language skills and confusing governmental agencies. Click here to listen to episode 19 or download it to you favorite podcatcher.
Topics this week include:

  • Starting our business/Part one
  • Expatriate Archive Centre
  • Sittard Comics
  • A train toilet that opens straight to the tracks

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