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New Toastmasters in Maastricht

I know I said I was going on hiatus, but I thought I couldn’t pass this announcement up.

On the 7th of the 7th at 7 hrs pm Toastmasters will start in Maastricht with
their first info session in CAFE ZUID Ceramique.
Meetings: Alternating Thursday
Permanent Venue t b d
Bi-lingual: English-Dutch



Not sure if I’ll be there (I’ve got the sniffles and find public speaking terrifying). But if you go, do let me know how you like it.

Getting a Social Life?

This article was originally published at Maastricht Region: to Live.

I’m no expert on getting a social life, but a recent email got me thinking about where I’ve met people during my stay in Maastricht. If you’re looking for a way to make fun connections with other expats (and Dutch folks), try one of these options.

Attend Pecha Kucha

One of my favorite events, Pecha Kucha is a quarterly series of short, snappy lectures. Before, at half time, and after the talks, there is a great chance to mingle and chat about what you just watched.

Join a Class

The classroom is always a good place to meet people and there are plenty of opportunities for continuing education or workout classes in Maastricht where you can meet people with share interests. Check out your local gym for class or try Kumulus if you’re into art.

Dutch Language Class

Speaking of the classroom, you probably want to learn Dutch anyway. Dutch classes are a good way to meet other new expats and maybe even get some practice in. Or at least a beer or two with your new friends. Plus Dutch will help open the door to getting to know your neighbors and coworkers better. (Yeah, I know the Dutch never stuck with me, but some of the friends I made have.)

Watch for Events

Maastricht is full of activities if you know where to look. In print, look for Week In, Week Uit, which has weekly events and an English page in the back. Online, try the events page here, movie house websites, UitBuro (Dutch only), and Stadium Generale (Dutch & English sections). No doubt there are more, but these are a good start.

Join the IWC

For women only, the International Women’s Club of South Limburg is a great way to meet other expats. The local branch has a nice size and good mix of ages, careers, and interests. I’ve found that a majority of the members I’ve met are long-term expats or plan on be. The Junior IWC has a drinks night once a month and sometimes partners are welcome for that.

And if you hit it off with someone, don’t forget to follow up with an invitation for coffee or a beer. That seems to be the way things are done in Maastricht.

Thank you to Giulio for his email. Write to me again if you like; my reply bounced.


Join Friends of Crossroads Magazine

In response to the shuttering of Crossroads Magazine, I’ve started a LinkedIn group “Friends of Crossroads Magazine” to discuss either how to bring it back or how to support its legacy. When it comes right down to it, I believe that this region needs resources for expats. That’s why I started my own blog after all. And Crossroads was the longest lived and the best; at least in my opinion.

If you feel the same way or simply want to contribute to this discussion, please go to LinkedIn and join the group. The fact of the matter is, I don’t have the answers. But I’m not willing to just let the site drift away if others feel the same way I do.  Please go contribute. Everyone’s thoughts on this matter are helpful.

Dutch News in English Roundup: 4 Websites

Ever since my cable company changed CNN to some French language news channel, I’ve been completely reliant on the Internet for my English language news. These 5 websites are great for the expat in the Netherlands to get a grip on local, national, and international news. Enjoy!


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About the & merger and, two local social networks, have recently merged in the hopes of creating a better, bilingual whole. Since I’m having trouble typing today, you get the first ever MM Vlog today instead. Enjoy!

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. The video will eventually be transcribed, if not by me than by someone else.

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