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Episode 20 of Maastricht Minutiae

dressed up dog

Even dogs got into the act.

Welcome to another episode of Maastricht Minutiae! In episode 20 we talk about our adventures at Carnival in Maastricht and a bit more about my business; which we’ve finally registered with the city. Click here to listen to Episode 20 or download on your favorite podcatcher.
Topics this week are:

  • Carnival 2010 in Maastricht
  • Costumes
  • Drunk Bands
  • A mention of my new business: ParapluInfo (website coming) and Fallen Kitten Productions

Episode 19 of Maastricht Minutiae

dan at workWelcome to another episode of Maastricht Minutiae! In Episode 19 with dive into the struggles we’ve been having over starting a business in Maastricht; mostly brought on by a combination of poor language skills and confusing governmental agencies. Click here to listen to episode 19 or download it to you favorite podcatcher.
Topics this week include:

  • Starting our business/Part one
  • Expatriate Archive Centre
  • Sittard Comics
  • A train toilet that opens straight to the tracks

Episode 18 of Maastricht Minutiae

potter family jazz hands

Jazz Hands! Yes, I'm the one who doesn't match.

Welcome to another episode of Maastricht Minutiae! (yeah, yeah, trying something a bit different with this post) Episode 18 is all about our holiday vacation to the United States to visit our families. It was a great time with way too much travel involved. Rather rambling, but I hope you’ll find it interesting. Download the episode here or subscribe on your favorite podcatcher.
In this Episode:

  • Flying to and from the US (this time)
  • Christmas with the Potters
  • Christmas Day with the Mallons
  • Everything’s bigger in the United States

Plus I want to announce that I’ll be blogging long-term with Maastricht Region in their To Live section. I’m excited about staying on with these folks and look forward to contributing to this resources as it grows. Stay tuned for updates.

Episode 17 of Maastricht Minutiae

santa displayEpisode 17 is ready for your listening pleasure in this inter-holiday season. Click here to listen to Episode 17 or download it using your favorite podcatcher.

In Episode 17 we ramble through:

  • The new International Service Desk in Maastricht
  • My blog at Maastricht Region
  • The Christmas Market at the Velvet Caves in Valkenburg
  • Winterland in Maastricht
  • Potato pancakes, gluhwijn, and other tasty treats.
    And we forgot to say it on the podcast but thank you to my parents for sending apple chips & almond rocca. Cheers!

    Episode 16 of Maastricht Minutiae

    Sinterklaas taste test

    Dan preparing for the Sinterklaas taste test.

    Episode 16 of Maastricht Minutiae is ready for your listening pleasure. Its been a couple of real nose to the grindstone kind of weeks. So instead of having a tale of travel to share, we decided to celebrate Sinter Klaas’ arrival in Maastricht with a taste test of traditional holiday sweets. That does mean we recorded the episode on the same computer, so the sound quality is a bit off. Click here to listen to Episode 16 or download it using your favorite podcatcher.
    In Episode 16 we talk about:

  • Dutch Language Class at Maastricht University
  • NaNoWriMo & other projects
  • My continued adventures with Dutch Healthcare
  • The dryer gets fixed! (Finally)
  • The Sinterklaas Sweets Taste Test
    1. Kruidnoten: Tiny crunchy spice cookies traditionally handed out by Sinter Klaas.
      Speculaas Cookies: Spiced cookies with almond slices typically shaped as windmills but also made into holiday shapes this time of year. (Dan’s Favorite)
      Marzipan Sinter Klaas: A fondant like candy.
      Amandelstaaf: Creamy almond paste baked in a staff with a flaky, butter crust around it like a roll. Sometimes shaped into letters.
      Speculaasslofje: An inch-thick speculaas-flavored bread filled with almond paste. (Amanda’s Favorite)

    Do you have questions or comments for the podcast? Please feel free to e-mail them to me at or fill out the contact me form.
    This blog article is dedicated to NaNoWriMo 2009. Please sponsor me and my goal of write 50,000 words by making a donation to the Office of Letters & Light.

    Sinterklaas sweets

    Amandelstaaf, Speculaasslofje, Marzipan, Speculaas cookies, Kruidnoten

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