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Episode 15 of Maastricht Minutiae

rainbow in MaastrichtThe Maastricht Minutiae Podcast, episode 15, is ready for download. We even managed to do it on time this week. The majority of our discussion this week is about expat issues, so I hope you enjoy it. Click here to listen to episode 15, or download it using your favorite podcatcher.

This week we chat about:

    - Expatica’s “I am not a tourist” expat fair
    - The Jazz Promenade event in Maastrichtr

Also, check out my post about the Expat Fair from last week for links to some of the people we spoke to. Do you have questions or comments for the podcast? Please feel free to e-mail them to me at or fill out the contact me form.

Episode 14 of Maastricht Minutiae

Open wide...

Open wide...

Mmm…Doesn’t Dan look like he’s enjoying that olieballen? They are a traditional News Years treat but the cart is out now on the Markt square for anyone who wants an early taste. You can now listen to episode 14 of Maastricht Minutiae by clicking here and using your preferred podcatcher.
This week we chat about:
Amanda’s Doctor Visit
Visiting the Vet & UTI in cats
Our laundry struggles
Chocolate Company
Archaeology Exhibit
And a reminder that the Pecha Kucha Event in Maastricht takes places Oct. 20th at 8 pm at the AINSI building. If you’re local, check it out. We’ll be there.

Episode 13 of Maastricht Minutiae

Dutch sobriety test. Failed.

Dutch sobriety test. Failed.

Welcome the the 13th episode of Maastricht Minutiae. Listen Here.
This week we spent a lot of time chatting about just a few things:

  • Getting a NL Driver’s License as Knowledge Worker (and spouse)
  • The Aftermath of Klik! Animation Festival in Amsterdam
  • 24 Hours of Beer Festival in Maastricht
  • And we announce that we’re attending Expatica’s I’m Not a Tourist expo this October 25th. Drop us an email as we’d love to meet up with some folks there.
    Plus the cat disrupts by trying to eat our printer. Go Figure.
    Have questions or comments? Send us a note via the form on the Contact Me page or talk about the podcast in the Comments.

    Episode 12 of Maastricht Minutiae

    Welcome to another week of Maastricht Minutiae. Episode 12 is a little longer than usual (about 45 minutes) and was edited by yours truly instead of Dan, so if you have any complaints, you know who to send them too. Click Here to listen.
    This week we talked about:

    • Dan’s Parents’ Visit
    • The Rhine Region in Germany between Koblenz and Bacharach.
    • The Netherlands’ Museumkaart
    • Museums in Amsterdam
    • Touring the Red Light District
    • Visiting Delft & Monster Stroopwafels
    • Eating Indonesian Food
    • Listener Questions

    Have questions or comments? Send us a note via the form on the Contact Me page or talk about the podcast below in the Comments.

    Episode 11 of Maastricht Minutiae

    Episode 11 of Maastricht Minutiae is ready for you! Please click here to download this catch-up episode that continues our conversation from the previous week.

    Topics covered this episode are:
    - Mandy’s Birthday
    - Clothes shopping in Maastricht
    - Sushi
    - The Festival Zomeravond

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