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Expat Guide

Maastricht is a beautiful and historical city; fun to visit and interesting to live in. But being an expat and not knowing what to expect can be tough. Read on below for some of my articles about expatriating to the Netherlands and getting setting into Maastricht.

Moving Time

Of Apartments and Red Tape: Settling in in Maastricht

Cat Travel: USA to the Netherlands (Moving to the Netherlands with Cats)

What Your Gemeente Can Do for You

How to Get to Ikea from Maastricht by Train/Bus

Licenses & Red Tape

Getting a Residency Card as an Expat’s Spouse: The “Good”-Parts Versions

The Semi-Legal Alien Adventure (Renewing a residency permit)

Checks Please? No Thank You.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…The Tax Man….

Setting Up & Setting In

Weekly Markets of Maastricht

Zicht Op Maastricht Audio Tour

Snow in Limburg & How to Handle It

Typically Limburgish: Responses

Kun ik Nederlands spreken?

Broodscappen Doen in Maastricht (grocery shoppping)

Train Travel by Twos

Shopping for Dryers in Maastricht

Jobs & Business

Starting my Business in the Netherlands Part 1

A Belastingdienst Visit for ParapluInfo


How to Get Into Dutch Museums Free (Kinda)

6 Websites The Maastricht Expat Should Know

Preuvenemint 2009: Eatting Our Way Through Maastricht

Alaaf! Recapping Maastricht’s Carnival 2010

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